Thermomix tips and tricks

In this post I’m adding links to any neat Thermomix tips and tricks that I come across to help you get the most from your machine.

Peeling garlic

Yep, the clever little thing peels garlic thanks to the reverse function!

Separating eggs

If your recipe calls for egg white(s), simply crack your egg onto the Thermie lid with MC in place. The egg white will slide into the bowl through the teeny gap between the MC and lid, and the lid will catch the yolks. To remove the yolks, just carefully lift the lid up (with MC in place), then remove the MC and tip the yolks through the MC hole into a container. 

Stop liquids from boiling over

No more splatters thanks to this little trick.

Juicing citrus

Hit the scale button. Hold the fruit over the Thermie lid with MC in place and using your spatula, squeeze required amount of juice, allowing it to drizzle into bowl through the little gap between MC and lid. The lid will catch all the seeds.

Faster dough proving

If you’re like me you’ll want your bread to just hurry along already. Some ideas to speed up the proving process:

  • Boil the kettle and fill a loaf tin or baking tin with the hot water and place on the bottom shelf of a cold oven. Place dough (wrapped in ThermoMat or in a oiled bowl with clingwrap) onto the shelf above and close the door.
  • If you own a ThermoServer,: fill the server with boiling water, pop the lid on and then leave the dough (wrapped in a ThermoMat) on top to prove. Particularly effective in winter.
  • Or, put your wrapped dough into a microwave and leave the door open with the light on.

Transporting food in your ThermoServer

Whipped up a hot or cold dish in your Thermie and want to take it to a gathering without any spills? Easy! Use the base as a lid. It sits really snug and is airtight, so no spills.

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