Roast potatoes

Gotta love a good roast spud! I really like this recipe because it’s a nice conversion of the way I used to prepare my spuds before roasting to golden, crispy perfection.

The Thermie’s temperature control ensures the potatoes cook evenly and efficiently – and there’s peace of mind knowing there will be no boil-overs/overcooked/undercooked potatoes vs. the old stove top method!

This recipe hails from the Recipe Community:


1000 grams potatoes peeled and quartered
rock salt
mixed herbs, fresh
cold pressed olive oil
500 grams water

1. Peel all the potatoes and cut into quarters. Place all in the varoma.
2. Place water in the bowl and cook potatoes on varoma temp, speed 2 for 20 minutes.
3. While leaving the potatoes in the varoma over the sink drizzle oil, herbs and salt. Place lid on varoma and shake for approx 20 seconds.
4. Pour potatoes into baking tray and bake in moderate oven until crispy approx 40 – 60 mins.


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