1043884_10151797621908688_450970849_nHey there. Thanks for checking out my blog. I’m Tracey, an independent Thermomix consultant based in Perth, Western Australia and I’m super passionate about my Thermie!

I use it 3-4 times a day. It’s been a saving grace in so many ways.

My son was born last year. He developed baby eczema – so in my zombie-like state I further educated myself on food and chemicals. I got rid of any toxic chemicals from the home and focused on a clean diet. I had always loved cooking healthy meals from scratch, but I decided to take it further and eliminate wheat, dairy and refined sugars from my family’s diet in the hope it would help bubs’s skin. At first it was overwhelming and very hard! But I soon adjusted and started experimenting with different ingredients and recipes.

As good as this was, I found cooking to be tiresome! I was using pots, a tired old blender, average food processor and countless other dishes and spoons to weigh and measure ingredients. I was burning the little energy and patience that I had left after countless night wakings with a young baby. But, I was determined to nourish him the best way I knew how.

It wasn’t until I went to a raw cooking class that I saw the Thermomix in action for the first time. I was impressed! You can imagine my dismay when I got home to replicate some of the recipes with my clunky appliances. (Pitiful to say the least!) It took me a good 10 mins to make cashew cream and even still it was lumpy. Date paste was a joke – the dates kept dodging the blades of the processor! Alas, as much as I wanted a Thermomix though, I simply couldn’t afford one (or at least, I thought we could spend the money on other things).

But then I remembered the cooking class demonstrator shared her story about how she became a consultant to “earn” her Thermomix for free. The little seed had been planted. It germinated, grew (for a couple of months) and finally blossomed when I took the plunge and signed up!

I have not looked back. I am absolutely loving the world of Thermomix. I rarely buy any processed, packaged foods. I’m saving money by buying things in bulk and making my own food without all the nasties. I’m also saving so much time with this “hands-free cooking”. Less time watching the stove and more time with my precious family.

I am happy to say that my son’s eczema disappeared and hasn’t returned. It’s very tricky to pinpoint the trigger of eczema in each individual, but what I do know is that I am so grateful that it affected our lives as we now have a totally different approach to food.

We are fortunate in that we don’t suffer from food allergies, but all the reading I did led me to understand that the diet I’d chosen was a healthier lifestyle choice. Avoiding wheat in particular has made such a difference. I wake up with pain if I eat too much of it and the same goes for dairy. I do find an 80/20 rule works well because for me personally, it’s absolutely ridiculous to aim for perfection when it comes to food. 20% of the time I eat what I like. Sometimes I go above 20% but hey, I’m ok with that! There’s no point putting pressure on myself. It’s all about balance.

The Thermomix has helped me experiment in the kitchen and cook new things quickly with minimal fuss. It’s truly changed my life! If you are in Perth and you are curious to know more about this machine, please get in touch and I can answer any questions you may have.

My number is 0408 945 946 or email godwintracey@gmail.com

Tracey 🙂


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