21 uses for the Thermomix ThermoServer

Thermomix ThermoServerWhat a brilliant cooking companion I’ve found my ThermoServer to be! Get the most out of yours with this list. If you have other uses not mentioned here, please leave a comment! A lot of these ideas came from the ThermoFun community.

Don’t have one and not sure what it is? It is a serving container made from high-quality, insulated stainless steel – keeps food hot or icy cold for a few hours.

  1. Keeps food hot for family members who will be eating later.
  2. Use to soak your rice in boiling water while your curry is cooking to reduce cooking time. Should shave off 8-10 minutes.
  3. Alternatively, cook your rice and keep it hot while you use the bowl for curry or sauce.
  4. When cooking pancakes, pikelets or crepes, add to ThermoServer to keep them warm until all are cooked and ready to enjoy.
  5. Use to cook cous cous. Add 1 cup of cous cous to ThermoServer, cover with 1 cup of boiling water, cover with lid and it should be ready in 5-10mins.
  6. When barbecuing, use to keep cooked meat hot.
  7. Use to heat baby food or milk. Simply pour in really hot water (couple of centimetres), place the bowl, bottle or pouch in the water and pop the lid on for five minutes or so.
  8. Use to prove bread dough by placing inside. Alternatively, you can fill with hot water, put the lid on and then place dough wrapped in ThermoMat on top.
  9. Place cooked risotto in for a few minutes to absorb liquid.
  10. Keep tortillas warm by wrapping in tea towel and placing on closed ThermoServer that is filled with boiling water.
  11. Use to serve chilli mussels.
  12. Keep soup warm at the table.
  13. Keep excess Varoma food warm by placing Varoma on top of full ThermoServer.
  14. Use as an ice bucket at BBQs.
  15. Use to serve sorbet.
  16. Use to keep salads cold.
  17. Use to keep seafood cold, e.g. prawns.
  18. Fantastic for transporting food. Use the base as a lid. Seals beautifully.
  19. Use as an incubator for making yoghurt.
  20. Use for ice cream making.
  21. Use the base to serve dip and crackers: dip in the middle, crackers around the edge.

How do you get one? You have access to the ThermoServer when you host a Thermomix demonstration (Australia only).